falcon-hrms features - employee database

Employee Database

falcon-hrms features - employee self service portal

Employee Self Service Portal

falcon-hrms features - payroll management

Payroll Management

falcon-hrms features - shift scheudule

Shift Schedule

falcon-hrms features - employee attendance

Employee Attendance

 falcon-hrms features - leave tracking

Leave Tracking

falcon-hrms features - analytics reporting

Analytics Reporting

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Smart features

falcon hrms feature - employee database

Employee Database

falcon hrms feature - employee self service portal

Employee Self Service Portal

falcon hrms feature - payroll management

Payroll Management

falcon hrms feature - shift scheduling

Shift Schedule

falcon hrms feature - employee attendance

Employee Attendance

falcon hrms feature - leave tracking

Leave Tracking

falcon hrms feature - analytics reporting

Analytics Reporting

Falcon-HRMS Unlocking Capital Region’s Businesses HR Potential

Falcon-HRMS holds vast experience in helping businesses in Delhi and Noida, which are part of the capital region of India. Our extensive understanding of the specific human resource management obstacles and possibilities in this region makes us the top choice among businesses looking for excellent HR Management software services in Delhi and Noida.

HR Management software services in Delhi

For businesses operating in Delhi dealing with HR processes can be complicated. Falcon-HRMS sails businesses through Delhi's labour laws, talent pool, and competitive environment. Our software makes HR management easier by providing all essential features in one place. It makes Flacon-HRMS the Best HR management software providers in Delhi

HR Management software services in Noida

Noida as a popular IT hub requires professional management of its human resources. Falcon-HRMS is among the Best HR management software providers in Noida and our platform is designed to fulfil all HR management needs of Noida based companies. Making employees management processes smoother and managing employee performance effectively.

Smart Core HR

Who else don’t need a change? Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the boring spreadsheet applications to manage your employees. Get our Smart, Intelligent software for your hectic HR works and simplify your worklife.

  1. An employee database that responsive
  2. Efficient employee case management
  3. Smart HR workflows
smart core hr - falcon hrms

Optimize your time and attendance

Who else don’t need a change? Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the boring spreadsheet applications to manage your employees. Get our Smart, Intelligent software for your hectic HR works and simplify your worklife.

  1. Track attendance with ease
  2. Schedule shifts effortlessly
  3. Track days off efficiently
optimized hr application - falcon hrms

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Seamless Multi-Devices Accessibility

Falcon-HRMS is a web application-based platform and can be accessible from all devices Laptop, Mobile or Tablet using the web browser. So, no more hassle of downloading and installing software on all devices. It facilitates both the HR team to access the dashboard and work upon on the tasks of payroll, scheduling, attendance management etc. from anywhere.

seamless multi-devices device accessibility

Automated Compliance Management

Following and keeping up with the constant changing labour laws and regulations is essential for every business. Falcon-HRMS helps businesses fulfil legal obligations by automatically checking for compliance and creating reports.

automated compliance management falcon hrms

Comprehensive Training and Support

With Falcon-HRMS we also provide extensive training to HR teams for utilizing the platform’s features effectively. Our customer support and technical team is always available for any queries or problems regarding the platform. We want to make sure you always have support with managing your HR and Falcon Hrms Provide Best HR management software services in Noida.

seamless multi-devices device accessibility

Providing Value-Driven Solution

Achieving operational excellence in HR management involves more than just reducing costs. We continually work up-on simplifying HR tasks and management better. Ensuring investment in HR technology brings essential and measurable advantage in business. Choosing Falcon HR management software services in India proves to be a smart investment that enhances an organization's HR capabilities and contributes to success and growth.

providing value-driven solution falcon hrms

What people say about us

Discover What Our Clients Say: Hear from businesses that have transformed their HR processes with our HRMS software solution. Read their success stories and testimonials to see how we've streamlined their HR operations and improved efficiency.

Falcon-HRMS has been a game-changer for our business based in Delhi. Managing HR processes in the city's complex environment was a daunting task, but this software has simplified it tremendously. It offers a comprehensive suite of HR tools, making Falcon-HRMS our go-to choice for HR management in Delhi.

Sonia Verma

TechSolutions, Delhi

We owe our success in Delhi to Falcon-HRMS. This software has been our trusted ally, helping us navigate the intricate landscape of HR processes in the city. With its assistance, we've been able to overcome labor law challenges, tap into the local talent pool, and stay competitive. Falcon-HRMS is, without a doubt, the best HR management solution for us in Delhi.

Rahul Kapoor

Innovate Tech, Gurgaon

Falcon-HRMS is the backbone of our HR operations in Delhi. It has revolutionized the way we handle HR tasks, simplifying the complexities of labor laws and talent acquisition in the city. The software provides us with all the essential features we need in one place, making Falcon-HRMS our top choice for HR management in the region.

Ayesha Malik

Globe Connect, Faridabad

Falcon-HRMS has been a lifesaver for our business in Delhi. It has transformed the way we handle HR processes, seamlessly guiding us through the maze of labor laws, talent acquisition, and competition. With all the essential features conveniently accessible in one platform, Falcon-HRMS is undeniably the best HR management software in the city.

Varun Sharma

VisionX Solutions, Noida

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Frequently Asked Questions

Falcon-HRMS is suitable for all types of business and it’s currently being used by industries such as IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, and others for effective HR management. Our software can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of different industries and Falcon Hrms Best HR management software provider in India.

Yes, Falcon-HRMS works well in HR management operations for companies of any size. We have flexible solutions that can be adjusted to fit the exact needs of small as well as medium and large enterprises.

We prioritize data security and employ robust encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive business data and employees’ records. Ensuring data remains confidential and secure.

Yes, Falcon-HRMS has a self-service portal that allows employees to handle their HR tasks on their own. They can perform various tasks such as requesting leave, updating personal information (address) and access pay slips and more. Promoting efficiency and reducing administrative workload.