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Employee Database

One of the fundamental features of human resource applications is their ability to store each employee’s data. This consists of Bank/Pan/Aadhaar numbers details, past employment details and each worker’s contact information

Falcon-HRMS makes it easier for your organization to manage important employee information with a complete employee database.

falcon-hrms feature - employee database

Employee Self Service Portal

Give employees the ability to access and maintain their own records such as their address information, marking login-logout time, requesting leave and pay slips, etc.

falcon-hrms feature - employee self service portal

Payroll Management

The system can manage employee salaries, contributions made to a retirement program, bonus information and healthcare deductions. It will also facilitate tax payments and direct deposits. Every company needs to run payroll, so this is a non-negotiable feature for those who don’t already have the process managed.

Falcon-HRMS ensures that payroll is done accurately and efficiently by doing calculations and deductions automatically. Along with creating detailed reports about the payroll.

falcon-hrms feature - payroll management

Shift Scheduling

This is particularly important for companies that schedule shift workers. Juggling dozens or even hundreds of different employees can be overwhelming if done manually. Features range to scheduling to schedule optimization. It can also alert employees of scheduling changes and notify management when staffing levels are insufficient.

Make scheduling employees' shifts easier with Falcon-HRMS. You can easily create and manage shift schedules for your employees.

falcon-hrms feature - shift scheduling

Employee Attendance

The time and attendance component of workforce management allows hourly employees to clock in and clock out, often using a variety of methods. The system collects time reports for billing purposes as well.

Monitor employee attendance in real-time. This will help to easily keep a record of their working hours and identify any patterns in their attendance.

falcon-hrms feature - leave tracking

Leave Tracking

Everyone needs time off. This feature tracks each employee’s sick or paid time off accruals and use. Furthermore, managers can receive notifications for missed or accomplished time entry.

Simplify leave management by utilizing Falcon-HRMS to track employee leave requests, approvals and balances accurately.

falcon-hrms feature - leave tracking

Analytics Reporting

Hard data is one of the most essential pieces of any HR strategy. To that end, HRMS solutions let you analyse a range of KPIs through visual tools such as dashboards and charts.

Access advanced analytics and reporting tools in Falcon-HRMS to get useful information about your workforce data.

falcon-hrms feature - analytics reporting

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